Data guy with SQL, Python, and R skills looking for a full-time or freelance remote position



A results-driven and highly knowledgeable business analysis professional with extensive experience in data analysis, database management, website development, modeling software, data scrubbing, and performance management. Hardworking and goal-oriented, makes solid decisions to improve production significantly. Troubleshoots issues to increase customer satisfaction while providing clients with up-to-date information. Demonstrates strong leadership and collaborative skills to deliver exceptional results consistently.


To work for a remote-friendly company in an analytical role to provide insights to my employer about their data using SQL, Python, R, Excel, Power BI, and more.


Senior Business Analyst at Fortna, Inc., September 2005-December 2017

Performed data analysis on SKU-level order data, including daily volume and velocity analysis, in Excel and MS SQL Server databases to aid in warehouse profiling process and determination of media allocation of SKUs. Combined order data with SKU cube data to determine optimal storage media locations for SKUs. Collected and analyzed data and identified areas and methods for improvement for clients. Performed data cleansing on data received from clients, which would be in text files, Excel workbooks, Access databases, and more, to be imported into Oracle or MS SQL Server for analysis. To clean the data I used text editors, Excel, Access, Python, R, or other tools. Performed data profiling in SQL on millions of records, creating new tables and views that were summaries of the larger data sets which were then used in visualizations. Converted Excel visualizations to Power BI where I recreated SQL analysis using DAX formulas and other functions, making visualizations more interactive when presenting to clients. Prototyped the visualizations by recreating the Excel ones in Power BI using summary tables/views.

  • Verified data collected from various sources and made judgments on usage.
  • Developed data visualizations in Crystal Reports, Excel PowerPivot, Tableau, and Power BI.
  • Prepared reports and suggested actions on impact of data.
  • Scrubbed data, using Python, R, Access, and Excel, to import into modeling software.
  • Identified anomalies in client data and presented to client before continuing with modeling.
  • Served as expert in three versions of in-house modeling software in FoxPro, Oracle, and current MS SQL Server.
Business Analyst at OfficeMax, Inc., September 2004-September 2005

Collected and summarized sales, inventory, and other data down to SKU level out of SAP Business Warehouse and PR2. Used MS Access to perform market basket analysis, using SKU lists and daily transaction databases. Supported merchandise planners by providing assistance in MS Excel, SAP, and other areas. Created daily transaction database in MS Access for each fiscal week used for market basket and other analysis.

  • Analyzed sales and inventory data for each store down to the SKU level to determine store sales performance for specified SKUs, including discontinued ones.
  • Rolled up store-level data to district- and territory-level to determine performance.


Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

M.A., Economics, 2002 B.A., Economics, 2001

Professional Development

  • Data Scientist with R, DataCamp
  • Data Scientist with Python, DataCamp
  • Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-on Python & R in Data Science, Udemy
  • Tableau 10 A-Z: Hands-on Tableau Training for Data Science, Udemy
  • Taming Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop - Hands On!, Udemy

Technical Skills

SQL, MS Office Suite (including Access and Excel), Oracle, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, RStudio, Spyder, Jupyter Notebook, PowerPivot, Tableau, Power BI, Crystal Reports, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, Kaggle Data Sets (R and Python), Website Creation (Wikipedia API and Python backend)